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Roosevelt Elk March 9, 2005

Roosevelt Elk

Our Reedsport herd numbers about 40 and they are quite tame, friendly, and seem as curious about us as we are of them. They graze in the same meadows with our horses and we often see their calves and our foals trying to play together. Just one complaint about this particular herd of Roosevelt Elk who call our land, forests, and pastures here at Muffett Farms their home ~ these elk have learned to open our mailbox and sometimes eat our mail!

Roosevelt Elk at Muffett Farms Roosevelt Elk at Muffett Farms

Roosevelt Elk Herd Photo Log 2005
Weaning Time

Roosevelt Elk Herd Photo Log 2009
In The Front Pasture

Water Fowl Photo Log 2009
Water Foul In The Pasture

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