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John Muffett Named Tree Farmer of the Year
Excerpt from an article appearing in the Capital Press by Tam Moore

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Click to view larger image of John Muffett (98637 bytes) Win Muffett had a dream back when he was raising his family on a dairy farm and working in the woods as a timber faller and logger. He wanted a place with enough timber "so I wouldn't have to log and milk cows, too."

This year, Muffett's sons Dean and John, took their dad's dream to the heights. They were named tree farmers of the year in Oregon's Coos and Curry counties.

Win's 23-year-old Reedsport tree farm yields commercial timber from thinning operations. At 550 acres, it is small stuff compared with the timberlands Dean and John farm to the south in Coos County.

"They are good boys," said the elder Muffett. "They had the same dream I had. I'm glad I had the opportunity to start it."

What Win Muffett did in 1975 after his own tree farm was going well is make the down payment on a 1,000-acre property on Click to view larger image of Tenmile Lake (48854 bytes)Shutters Creek, an arm of Tenmile Lake. Two years later he divided the cutover and brush-choked hillsides among his children, keeping a small tract for himself.

Dean and John weren't amateurs in the woods. They had....

...Today, beaver beside the creek and elk munch leaves on the plantation, they are just two critters John Muffett and his wife Rose accommodate on tree farm tracts. The family owns several timber tracts in Oregon's Coos County and Douglas County, all in the stages of restoration to commercial timber stands.

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