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Magic Magic

Magic Magic is black, no white markings. He stands 16.1 hands yet is refined and shows his true Arabian type with his attractive head, a long, nicely set neck, and smooth top line. His conformation is hard to fault as is his sweet disposition. Magic Magic has wonderful movement!

Magic Magic is high percentage Babson breeding, one of America's Arabian foundation programs. Magic Magic carries crosses to Nazeer through his great grandsire *Adhem. He also carries the old Crabbet 'Egyptian' lines that trace back to Lady Anne and Wilfrid Blunt's breeding. On Magic Magic's dam's side is Caligastro, a son of the black stallion *El Mokhtar whom when seen by the writer Walter Farley soon after the horse's entrance into the USA said that *El Mokhtar in real life best fit his fictional "Black Stallion". (See Magic Magic's pedigree below)

Magic Magic's foals are very much like him. Tall, refined and very friendly with excellent movement.

Foals by Magic Magic Include:
Click to view larger image of The Nile Queen (98377 bytes)
The Nile Queen
(x The Bask Prinzess)
Photo at Age 2 Years
Click to go to MB Ala Bask's Page
Shez A Centerfold

(x MB Ala Bask)
Photo at Age 2 Years
Click to go to Bleu Knight Foxy+'s Page
Bleu Knight Foxy+
(x Tadj Shalarene)
Photo at Age 4 Years
Click to view larger image of All American Charm (98377 bytes)
All American Charm
(x Malabo Bask)
Photo at Age 3 Years
MF Colt Forty Five's Picture Page
MF Colt Forty Five

(x MB Ala Bask)
Oregon 100 Endurance 2010
Click to go to MF King Tut's
MF King Tut "Pasha"
(x MB Ala Bask)
Click to view Malabo's Magic Charm's Page (98377 bytes)
Malabo's Magic Charm
(x Malabo Bask)
Photo at Age 5 1/2 weeks
MF Equiknox
MF Equiknox

(x Halusynation Look )
Summer 2006
MF My Buster Brown's Page
MF My Buster Brown "Buster"
(x WizzardsAprilLove)
Click to view Angyl Bask
Angyl Bask
(x Malabo Bask)
Photo at 2 days old
Little Brown's Picture Page
Little Brown

(x Sadie )
2 years old Summer 2010
RB Beys Wings

(x WizzardsAprilLove)
Click to view Mistanny's 2010 colt
Mistanny's Mistique
(x Mistanny Flower )
Photo at 7 days old
Foxy Shalarene
Foxy Shalarene

(x Tadj Shalarene )
Winter 2005
Swite Sir Prize

(x Switez II)
Click to view Aladdinns Song
Aladdinns Song
(x Sunsorre )
Yearling Photo
MF Knight Ranger
MF Knight Ranger

(x Sasha )
Summer 2008
MF Merry Legs

(x Gleeful Pico)
Click to view Heza Blizzard
Heza Blizzard
(x Chancey Jubilee )
Foal Photo
MF Rodeo Drive
MF Rodeo Drive

(x Rahzella Moun )
September 2008
MF Frisco Bey

(x Halusynation Look)

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Pedigree of Magic Magic AHR #545832
Black Stallion Foaled March 27, 1997

Fabo 22998
Arabi Fadh Onyx 280592
SG Adhanna 122370
Amali Mattlock 356785
Saud El Ameer 156771
Saud El Milanne 213836
Bint Milanne 49675

Magic Magic
AHR #545832

Black Nek Co 93908
Knight Foxy 157022
Cindy Lou 47903
Honeys Wings 482829
Caligastro 193146
Honeysuckle Night 362959
Honey Beauty 178034

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