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AKC Irish Setter Puppy For Sale

Home Our Irish Setter's Wildlife
Welcome! Big Red Buster Meet The Roosevelt Elk
AKC Irish Setter's Fleetwood Farm's Ginger Roosevelt Elk Weaning Time
10-9-2011 Irish Setter Pups Fleetwood Farms Jet Setter Roosevelt Elk ~ Pasture
Irish Dexter Cattle Fleetwood Farm's Little Liza Roosevelt Elk Photo Log
Amazing Birth Puppy Video My Sweet Candy Cane Water Fowl ~ Front Pasture
About Us Thee Scarlet Setter Elk In The Wild Video
1-11-2012 Irish Setter Pups Eaglesong Liberty Sophia Elk Dancing in the Pond
10-9-2011 Litter Video Eliza Mayhem

Nursery News
AKC Irish Setter Puppies

Scarlet's 10-09-2011
Irish Setter Puppies

Candy's 1-11-2012
Irish Setter Puppies
10-9-2011 Scarlet's Puppies Big Shot Charles
1-11-2012 Candy's Puppies Chloe Sally
1-11-2012 Candy's Birth Irish Angel Halle
1-24-2012 Ginger's Puppies Shannon Rose Brandy
Andy Mandy
Chanel Finnegan Hopfield
Jack Finnegan
Bailey Darby

Nursery News
Arabian Sport Horse Foals

Ginger's 1-24-2012
Irish Setter Puppies

Scarlet's 5-5-2012
Irish Setter Puppies
Malibu Bask's Colt Casey Shannon
Lovie's Filly Molly Enzo
Little Sister's Foal Grady Emma
Rohzella Moun's Foal Beau Saydee
Penny Riley
Abby~Emma Moses
Brody Rumi
Little Red Kaitlynn
Maggie Mayhem Finnley

Horses For Sale
Current as of 5-15-2012

Liza's 6-18-2012
Irish Setter Puppies

Ginger's 8-15-2012
Irish Setter Puppies
None Stormy Male
Lucy Male
Chloe Female
Shelagh Female
Mariah Male
Finn Male
Cayenne Male


Magic Magic
Magic Magic
Bleu Knight Foxy+
Bleu Knight Foxy+
Bleu:SHN 2004
Bleu:Horse Shows 2005
Shows 2005



Mares Cattle About Us
Gleeful Pico Purebred Irish Dexter's Our Arabian Sport Horses
Haapey Pico Meet John Muffett
Malabo Bask
MB Ala Bask
Shez A Centerfold
MF Merry Melody
Mistanny Flower
Little Sister
Sweet Halanny's Angyl
Switez II
Wizzards April Love


Horses We Bred
And Raised
My Fadl Charm
MF My Buster Brown
Shez A Centerfold
Bleu Knight Foxy+
MF Eqinox
MF Colt Forty-Five
MF King Tut
Malabo's Magic Charm
The Nile Queen
Little Brown
RB Bey's Wings
Angyl Bask
Mistanny's Mistique
Foxy Shalarene
Sweet Sir Prize
Aladdinns Song
MF Knight Ranger
MF Merry Legs
Heza Blizzard
MF Rodeo Drive
MF Frisco Bey

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